VIVISOL code of ethics

Vivisol have in place a long established code of ethics which defines the values  that form the foundation for the activities carried out by the SOL group, and governs our philosophy and conduct in our relationships with our colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Our current Code of Ethics came into effect on 1 January 2006 and requires compliance from all employees and partners of the Group.
Our objectives are:

To promote a culture which values honesty,  loyalty and responsibility, and is guided by the highest ethical principles.
To  always act responsibly, observing principles of moral integrity and appropriate styles of behaviour.
To ensure our products and services are delivered in a timely, professional and courteous manner respecting the diverse needs of all our customers.

Our Project is based on the principles of:
Appropriate behaviour towards our colleagues and customers
Loyalty to the company
Effective communication
Willingness to listen
Resolution of issues to prevent  other  people’s problems becoming our problems
recognition that the economic process must continuously be aligned to, and regulated by a system of values.

Vivisol s.r.l. also adopted in 2006 a model of organisation, management and control pursuant to Italian legislative  decree 231/01. This relates to the liability of legal entities for the unlawful activities of their employees whilst acting in the interests of the business.
The model of organisation was revised and updated in October 2010 to include the new crimes integrated in the decree and in particular those related to workplace safety, as specified in legislative decree 81/08.

VIVISOL Code of Ethics