Toll Free Number “Stella”

Toll Free Number “Stella”


We are supporting the "Stella" project in Italy
The last report on the second year of activity of toll free number "Stella" was published.


What is the toll free number "Stella"?

A toll free phone number giving access to a free and immediate advice to families where a member suffers from muscular dystrophy is already by itself a fantastic result.
It offers a great social utility improving the standard of everyday life and creating a "network" among family members, professionals and associations.
But the toll free number "Stella" is also much more!
The guys who answer calls are affected themselves by a neuromuscular disease and they work at home.
They can thus create greater empathy with families thanks to a better understanding of the issues and carrying out, with competence and professional skills, a more effective role in mediating the network of services, as suggested by the operating mode of the peer counselling.
The role of Stella is not exhausted in giving answers to understand the paths, often very complicated, to get recognition of care between the folds of bureaucracy, but it is mainly to support the family since the diagnosis in the difficult process of disease acceptance and in the administration of the daily life. The project also includes a series of research in psychosocial field helpful for investigating problems and strengths of families with a member suffering from neuromuscular disease.

The team from left to right:
Monica Agnesi, volunteer
Stefano Annarelli, operator and peer counselor
Jacopo Casiraghi, coordinator
Michela Policella, operator and peer counselor