Working with VIVISOL

It is our aim to employ staff who, along with the necessary skills and potential, are capable of co-operating with others, creating constructive relationships, working as a team and achieving goals. We place great emphasis on the values of honesty, commitment, transparency, intelligence and flexibility.

How we work

At VIVISOL, everyone is encouraged to make decisions and work with a high level of autonomy, in their own areas of competence and within their assigned roles. This practice produces responsibility, security and awareness of one’s own value, which in turn generates creativity and innovation.

Typical profiles for our various roles:

-  Home Care Salespeople are responsible for developing and managing relationships with the ASL offices, hospitals and doctors in the region’s field of competence.
Profile:  high school diploma or degree (preferably in Pharmacy, Biology or Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology), previous experience (even brief) in sales roles at a service company.

- Distribution office clerks, in addition to secretarial tasks, also handle the administration and logistics work at the various branches. Minimum requirements: high school diploma in accounting or similar, previous experience (even brief) in administration roles.

- Operations Managers will be responsible for the logistics /administrative management of the centre and the coordination of operating teams (internal and external) assigned to home care assistance activities. Requisites: high school diploma or university degree; excellent organisational abilities and initiative. Previous experience in the logistics sector is preferable.

- Internships in the company
Throughout the year, where the opportunity exists and where valid training projects are in place, the company organises internships. Internships last three months on average, and involve the student being incorporated into the specific sector /location of interest under the guidance of a company mentor.
To this end, VIVISOL uses regulated agreements with the main universities and professional educational establishments.
These agreements can also be put in place where  students wish to gain experience or do independent research (e.g for individual projects or for dissertations).


The world is changing rapidly: Established activities are accelerating in their pace, new technologies are continuously being developed, innovative information and communication management tools are being implemented…all these highlight the need for all our personnel to constantly update their abilities and knowledge.
In this context, learning and continuing education – in the broadest sense – are an integral part of the culture of the SOL Group and simultaneously form the fulcrum for sustaining change.
More importantly, for our Group as a whole,  – and therefore within VIVISOL – it is a general rule that training be done “in the field”. This requires constant and collaborative on-the-job training from more experienced colleagues.
Professional courses at foreign schools are provided in addition to the on-the-job training.