Home Hospitalisation

This, as the name suggests, defines the levels of care provided to enable the patient’s treatment to be managed at his or her own home.
Whether home hospitalisation is viable will depend on:

  • Their requirement for access to, and treatment by, appropriate  clinical personnel
  • The  additional daily duration for which care and assistance are required
  • Whether the necessary computer and communication technologies are available

If any one or more of the above criteria cannot be met in each individual case, the alternative would be admission (possibly long –term) into hospital.

We have created our hospital at home service to satisfy the needs of the patient in respect of health, comfort and personal care. We integrate our clinical and technical and information management resources to form a service, or package of services, to ensure compliance and clinical governance in every case.

Among the forms of home care, this is the one that -even though it is the most expensive and difficult to organise - guarantees the highest long term savings in terms of reducing the number of hospital in-patients.