About us

VIVISOL is one of the premier European groups working in the home care sector. We specialise in respiratory care, (in particular oxygen therapy, mechanical ventilation, diagnosis and care of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome), and also provide services in the fields of artificial nutrition, telemedicine, health assistance, and the prevention and treatment  of skin ulcers.

VIVISOL constantly focus on developing, evolving and refining our solutions through evaluation, assessment and comparison of the different options available in the healthcare sector. We aim to provide patients with the best service possible in alignment with the needs and ongoing development of the company.
The group also constantly researches the many new technologies available on today’s market to assess how they can contribute to the improvement and development of the services already available. Thus we ensure the continuous introduction of high quality equipment and components that offer high scientific and technical value.
VIVISOL guarantee to provide effective healthcare solutions which are the result of innovation and scientific evolution, in order to assure public and private healthcare professionals that they have a reliable partner who is always up-to-date with the latest developments in the international healthcare scene.

VIVISOL was founded in 1986 and now have subsidiaries throughout the European Union namely in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, in the UK and in Turkey and Switzerland. The company provides home and hospital assistance services to over 280,000 patients each day.

The VIVISOL Group belongs to the SOL Group which, since it was founded in 1927, has developed its business in production, applied research and commercialisation of technical, pure and medicinal gases. The SOL Group added the home care assistance activity to its core business in 1986. At present, SOL has an extensive presence in the Central European markets and also in southeast Europe, with production facilities and commercial activities in 23 European countries, in India, Morocco and Turkey.
The founding partners of the Group are the Annoni and Fumagalli families, who remain as owners of the company today. In addition, members of both families are actively involved in managing the group.

VIVISOL has set QUALITY and the SAFETY of patients entrusted to its care as the backbone of its development model. For this reason, the company adopted the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for all services provided, and has certification for all global sites in its network.

The guarantee of service, product quality, continuous action in development and innovation in our applications and solutions are consistently aligned to all our client’s needs in every sector in which we operate. These include energy, industry, food technology, ecology, environment, biotechnology, medicine, scientific research and home based healthcare (through the VIVISOL Group).

The SOL Group is one of the first groups in the sector to have adopted the CODE OF ETHICS “Model of organisation, management and control”, pursuant to the Legal Decree 231/2001. This obliges all employees of the Group, including our partners, consultants and suppliers to be aware of, disseminate and comply to the standards contained within it.
SOL S.p.A., located in Monza (Monza e Brianza), headquarters of the SOL Group, was  quoted on the Italian Stock Exchange 1998. In 2014, the SOL Group recorded a turnover of over 636 million euro thanks to the work of over 2900 employees.

The annual balance sheet of the SOL Group can be downloaded from www.solgroup.com.