Founded in 1927 by three families from Monza, SOL originally produced oxygen and acetylene for shipyards in Livorno and Ancona at dedicated factories, In the 1940s, the founding families Fumagalli and Annoni took over complete ownership of the company.
Starting in 1960, the Group experienced a phase of rapid development which resulted in it becoming one of the most important operators in the activities of production, applied research and provision of technical, pure and medical gases.
In 1980 SOL, via its Grosseto branch, signed a contract to provide home distribution of oxygen for patients in the province. Nobody realised that a fantastic new adventure had just begun, an adventure named VIVISOL that was set up and developed in the following years.
In 1986 VIVISOL entered the market of concentrator sales, and in 1987 it started providing Home Oxygen Therapy services with liquid oxygen.


From the 1990s onwards, VIVISOL expanded its activities beyond the borders of Italy into several European countries. 
In 1991, activities in Belgium began, and in 1992 the first branch in the Netherlands was opened.
In 1993 VIVISOL opened in Austria and, as a result of our enduring search for more innovative solutions, the same year agreements were signed with new suppliers for the provision of the latest generation of Liquid Oxygen base and portable units.
VIVISOL continued to expand its territory over the next 27 years. Activities started up in France in 1994 and in Germany in 1996. In 1998, VIVISOL FRANCE was founded with head offices in Paris, in 2008 the company opened in Greece and, last but not least, also in Slovenia in 2014.
In 1999, VIVISOL combined its direct development strategy with a process of partnership projects and acquisitions.  Several companies became part of the Group: the German company Ability Team (1999), the French company France Oxygéne (2000), Hospital Service based in Ivrea (2001) and the German company Elomed (2003).
Il Point s.r.l. of Verona - a qualified operator in the sector of managing and reselling health accessories - and Oxymed Medizintechnik GmbH - located in Plaue, Germany - joined in 2004. Medizintechnik Service & Handelszentrum GmbH entered the company in 2006. The latest additions to the Group were Resmed Austria (2008), JLV Medical Hispana (2009),  the UK-based company Dolby Medical (2010) and the entrance in Turkey in 2012.
Although VIVISOL is a multinational company, we have always worked with respect for independence in mind. We recognise that every country has different healthcare models, legislation, cultures, traditions and customs to which we should adapt to in order to perform our work in the best possible way.


In conjunction with its geographical expansion, VIVISOL have also diversified its services into other markets.
VIVISOL started out as a supplier of home oxygen therapy services, thereby contributing to the implementation of the then innovative therapy with liquid oxygen which is now considered as one of today’s reference standards for long term provision.
In the 1990’s, the company decided to use its experience and resources to design new services in different therapeutic areas. In 1992, starting in Italy it began to offer a Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) service.
In 1994 VIVISOL moved into the provision of Aerosol Therapy, and in 1996 it consolidated its presence in Respiratory Home Care by starting up a Ventilation Therapy service and signing agreements with the world’s leading companies in the sector of diagnosis and care of sleep apnoea conditions.
In 1997, VIVISOL became one of the first companies to study the home-based applications of telemedicine and telediagnostics.
Another expansion in VIVISOL’s field of activity saw the group enter the field of Integrated Home Assistance in 2001, and Health Accessories in 2003.
In 2005, the company established services to supply and manage anti-decubitus systems and care of skin ulcers, and in 2009 it introduced an innovative service that provided technological devices for ocular control communication for patients suffering from serious and disabling neuromuscular diseases.
Today VIVISOL is constantly looking toward the future, firmly believing that innovation is the key to open new frontiers in the home care sector.
We believe that continuous evolution and improvement of our service models is the only possible way that the company can grow and continue to improve our patients quality of life.
This is why everyone at VIVISOL feels committed to enhancing the company’s products and services as much as possible, exclusively for you, to give you the best.