VIVISOL’s mission is to “Bring care home to the patient”.

Its motto is  “Improve the quality of life”.

The desire to offer a better quality of life, to enable a person in need of care to live in their own home with their own family instead of in hospital or in a long term care facility, is the motivating objective of the entire VIVISOL workforce.

The patient is the key element. Every service we design and deliver is centred on the patient. We see them not only as the fragile subject of the service, but more importantly as a person with the right to the best quality of life available to satisfy their clinical and psychological needs.
All VIVISOL services are created with the concept of patient-centred healthcare, which includes not only the needs of the individual patient but also the people around them, in particular their family and  care givers.

We have collaborated with many public and private operators involved in patient care to create innovative solutions for implementing and managing home care assignments. As a result, this synergic activity has enabled us to succeed in reaching important targets for better quality of life, for both the patient and their family.

VIVISOL follows a corporate policy which focuses on continuously improving its service models, with the goal of being able to offer the healthcare sector efficient but sustainable assistance solutions. This we are able to manage resources appropriately and to contain costs in times of reduced government spend and budget cuts.