Code of Ethics

Vivisol have in place a long established code of ethics which defines the values  that form the foundation for the activities carried out by the SOL group, and governs our philosophy and conduct in our relationships with our colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Our current Code of Ethics came into effect on 1 January 2006 and has been revised in September 2017. It requires compliance from all employees and partners of the Group.
Our values are:

• ethical behaviour: in interpersonal relations, towards employees, customers and suppliers and all stakeholders;

• safety: for all employees. Safety in the workplace as well as for goods and services must be considered a top priority;

• customer satisfaction: we are committed to ensuring customers a constant and continuous supply of innovative and technologically advanced solutions, and to improving the quality of life of patients by providing them with the best treatment and finest home care;

• balanced development: we strive to create balanced economic growth and constant development over the long term, employing resources efficiently and focusing them constantly on change;

• environmental protection: to be pursued both through process optimisation and the best use of energy resources, and through the development of technologies and services that help customers improve their environmental efficiency;

• development of human resources: we feel that attracting and retaining new talents and, in a broad sense, training and building the capacities of individuals, are a fundamental tool for the success of the SOL Group; we set great store on youth, without neglecting fair and sensitive management of older employees.

Code of Ethics