What Is Aerosol Therapy?

Aerosol therapy involves administering medicines which are nebulised straight into the airways to treat a variety of illnesses. This is a time-honoured, effective and natural method: generally speaking, spontaneously inhaling the nebulised drug has no side-effects, and actually offers recognised benefits. All of which are crucial aspects, particularly when the people receiving the treatment are the elderly and children.

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Why Opt for Aerosol Therapy?


It is a targeted form of treatment which allows the medicine to reach the airways directly, limiting the possibility of it reaching other organs.

It allows the dose of medicine delivered to be limited, as nebulisation is a process which avoids dispersion.

Our Solutions
We offer services for treating chronic illnesses such as cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension and for treating a variety of inflammations affecting the airways.

To achieve effective results with aerosol therapy, high quality aerosol devices must be used. For this reason, at Vivisol we only provide professional nebulisers of a high standard. These feature an innovative micronization control system, which allows the finest particles of the drug to penetrate into the deepest sites of inflammation in the airways – the bronchioles and pulmonary alveoli – thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the medicine.

We offer a range of services, from installing devices in patients homes to teaching patients how to use them. We also take care of delivering disposable accessories, and offer a 24h maintenance service.