What are Sleep-Related Respiratory disturbances?

Sleep-related respiratory disturbances are a common occurrence. They vary from ordinary snoring to the complete or partial interruption of breathing, respectively called apnea and nocturnal hypopnea.

Sleep Medicine is a well-known discipline, and one which is constantly evolving. It is based on recognising, diagnosing and treating these disturbances.

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Our Solutions

We are a market leader in diagnosing and treating Respiratory Sleep Disturbances at home. We provide specialists support with cutting-edge technologies. We offer:

Innovative diagnostic solutions: from portable systems for cardio-respiratory monitoring to more complex multi-channel polysomnography lab instruments.

Positive pressure devices: from systems that guarantee a constant pressure level, such as CPAP and AutoCPAP, to devices that function on two pressure levels such as Bilevel and AutoBilevel Adaptive Servo-Ventilators.

Complementary therapeutic solutions: such as devices for positional therapy and protruded jaw position.

Tailored home follow-up service: for ongoing monitoring of the patient’s therapy compliance using innovative cloud platforms.